Our Vehicle Management Module was developed at the request of public safety administrators looking to manage and track vehicles from purchase through disposal. Upon disposal, our system allows you to archive the vehicle which removes it from front line selection but retains the vehicle and its history within the system, as long as you wish, so you can look back at the vehicle and its history for any reason such as for a FOIA request or insurance claim.

The Vehicle Management Module module allows you to track purchase price, sales price and mileage, hours, create, edit, manage and classify your vehicles.  You can assign a vehicle to a specific department which then limits access to only those employees who belonging that vehicles department.  You can assign a vehicle to a person.  You can even renumbered, re-purposed and reassigned vehicles to different departments.

Our Vehicle Management Module is complimented by our real time Vehicle Status Module which allows you to track the current status and availability of every vehicle in your fleet.

Look back to see the purchase price, sale price, work orders, events and vehicle inspections completed for every vehicle in your system.