The 911 Tech Facility Management Suite is made up of several modules that were developed to help manage every facility in your agency such as physical buildings, garages, jails, or even rooms within your facilities such as property or evidence tech rooms.  Click on any of the modules below to see specific details on that module.  Every module allows you to document repairs & cost, attach files and documents, and even schedule upcoming maintenance reminders for your program manager.  You can easily create work orders by selecting the exact facility from a drop-down list of your agency’s equipment.  Finally, we offer a full suite of administrative reports to assist with your facility management program.

Our Solution is offered as a cloud-based responsive bootstrap solution that conforms to and looks identical on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The solution is hosted and managed by 911tech eliminating the need for and involvement of village IT staff.

Jail Management & Inspection

Toss away your old paper forms and start using our cloud-based system to document your required monthly lockup inspections.

If you inspect your own facilities, you can use our cloud-based system to automate your inspections and completely eliminate paperwork.

Work Orders

Use a select list to easily create a work-orders which are automatically sent to the proper personnel for follow up.  Track the time and cost associated with repairs and gain valuable insight for future budgets with a suite of reports.

Do you have a paper checklist or form you use everyday or a paper document you just want to eliminate? We can turn your paper checklists and forms into cloud based forms for FREE!

With your commitment to purchase a subscription to the form we create for you, we take your existing paper checklist or form and transform it into a cloud based form with a complete administrative back that lets you save and access the data you collect in your form.

We understand the needs of managers and have build a robust set of reports that make management and reporting on your facility program easy.

Simply select a pre-made report of choose a custom report and enter in your own variables.

Whatever you need we either have made it or we will make it for you.

We developed a simple paperless method of managing, maintaining and inspecting your Facilities.

Contact us today to make our system a part of your agency’s Facility Management program.