If you are like most Public Safety Agencies, you use a three part paper form to document issues with your equipment, the form is then sent to a supervisor for review, and finally it is routed, using interoffice mail, to the person responsible for fixing the issue.   The entire process can take a day or more just to report the issue and then several more days as you attempt to coordinate the repair process.

If this sounds like the process your agency uses today, then we have a solution for you…

We built a full service work order system capable of automating the work order creation and management process.  Work orders are easily created by selecting the item needing attention from a drop-down list of agency equipment.  The software then electronically creates and routs the work order to those persons you specify for immediate attention.

There is no need to wait to get back to the station to report an issue.  If an issue is discovered while employees are out in the field, they can easily login to the system from their laptop or cell phone and with 2-3 clicks, create a work order documenting the issue.

If necessary, program managers can assign the work order to the employee responsible to fix the issue and document both time and cost spent on the work order.

When a work order is closed, an email can be automatically sent to the person who reported the issue advising them of the resolution of the work order.

Finally, we offer a full suite of administrative reports, both textual and graphical, that provide your agency with the important statistics needed to both understand what equipment is in need of replacement and provide the documentation necessary to plan and justify future budget requests.

Our award winning fleet management system; a completely customizable multi-function platform offering fleet management, work orders, weekly/daily squad car inspections, AED checks, firearm inspections and a method of visually documenting vehicle scratches, dents, dings and damage that completely eliminates existing paper forms & processes.

  • Cloud-Based / Available from anywhere on any device
  • Multi-function Single Solution
  • Reduce Redundancy
  • Eliminate Paper
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Increase Productivity
  • Ease of use
  • Robust Reporting
  • Eliminate the need for IT staff
  • Affordable and scalable to any size agency

Our Work Orders module comes with a full set of reports to see how many work orders you have received, who they were assigned to and what your time and cost was for each work order.  Additionally we have annual reports available that you can copy and paste right into your annual budget or report.

We have developed a cutting edge completely customizable multi-function platform offering total fleet management including work orders, weekly/daily vehicle inspections, AED checks, damage accountability (a method of visually documenting vehicle scratches, dents, dings and damage), which is both scalable and affordable and best of all our system completely eliminates existing paper forms & processes.