The 911 Tech Equipment Management Module was developed to allow you to document and manage every piece of equipment in your agency including where it is located and who it is assigned to.  You can document repairs & cost, maintain a historical record of every event, and even schedule upcoming maintenance reminders for both your program manager and employees assigned to equipment.  You can easily create work orders by selecting the exact piece of equipment from a drop-down list of your agency’s equipment.  Finally, we offer a full suite of administrative reports to assist in the management of your Equipment program.

Our Solution is offered as a cloud-based responsive bootstrap solution that conforms to and looks identical on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The solution is hosted and managed by 911tech eliminating the need for and involvement of village IT staff.

We understand the needs of managers and have build a robust set of reports that make management and reporting on your Equipment program easy.

Simply select a pre-made report of choose a custom report and enter in your own variables.

Whatever you need we either have made it or we will make it for you.

We offer two modules to audit your equipment.  Vehicle Asset Audits and Employee Asset Audits.  These modules allow managers to audit every piece of equipment assigned to your vehicles or employees.  You can now have a ‘snapshot” of who has what at any moment in time.  Our system maintains an electronic record of each audit which provided your agency complete documentation and total accountability of your agency’s important assets.

We developed a simple paperless method of managing, maintaining and inspecting your Department Equipment.

Contact us today to make our system a part of your agency’s Equipment Management program.