The 911 Tech Equipment Check-In / Check-out Module was developed to provide a simple but efficient cloud-based system to check out/in shared equipment to employees at the beginning and end of their shifts.

Historically, agencies used paper and pen to document assignment of equipment.  The process was slow and cumbersome, delayed officers getting out on the street and required two or three separate paper forms to properly track equipment.  The process also lacked the ability to provide an instant real-time status of every piece of equipment in the equipment room.

911 Tech Check In/Out Module uses a hand-held scanner and barcodes to quickly and accurately complete both ends of the process.   Our software offers several administrative reports that provide detailed historical records of employees and the equipment checked out and in and we also offer an electronic audit system which quickly assures the agency that all equipment is accounted for at any point in the day.

With the speed and efficiency provided our software provides, the bottleneck of Officers at the equipment room window has been eliminated.  Officers are out on the street faster and accountability for equipment has increased because our software provides an electronic record of the date, time and to whom every piece of equipment has ever been checked in or out.

This module works in tandem with our equipment, AED, Firearm and Taser modules offering you easy management total accountability of your assets.

Our Solution is offered as a cloud-based responsive bootstrap solution that conforms to and looks identical on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The solution is hosted and managed by 911tech eliminating the need for and involvement of village IT staff.

We understand the needs of managers and have build a robust set of reports that make management and reporting on your Equipment program easy.

Simply select a pre-made report of choose a custom report and enter in your own variables.

Whatever you need we either have made it or we will make it for you.

We developed a simple paperless method of checking in and out equipment on a daily or shift level basis.

Contact us today to make our Equipment Check In/Out Module a part of your agency Equipment Management Program.