Have you ever walked out to a vehicle and wondered, “is that dent old?”  Have you ever found damage and needed to document it with a photograph?  The 911 Tech Events module allows your agency to document events associated with vehicles.  Events can include dents, dings, scratches, damage, or anything else you feel is important for your agency to document and track.  The Events module also allows you to attach two photos to an event to visually document the issue being reported.  You can even use your smart phone to create the event and upload the photos from anywhere the field.  Even if a supervisor is busy, employees can quickly and easily create an event, upload a photo and be back in service in less than 5 minutes. Administrators, employees and supervisors all agree, the Events module saves everyone time and aggravation and most important, it gets employees out of the station and into the field faster. 

Events are directly associated with a specific vehicle.  No matter where the vehicle may eventually end up, for example if a squad car is transferred to public works, the events follow the vehicle for the life of the vehicle allowing you to instantly see a complete written and visual history of each vehicle. [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title=’Photos’ tags=” av_uid=’av-iphu4h’]

  • Ability to add up to two photos of each event
  • Crop, zoom, rotate your photos prior to uploading
  • Administrators can edit photos if necessary

 911 tech’s Events Module is the second most used module in our suite of cloud-based software. At 911 Tech we have developed a cutting edge completely customizable multi-function platform offering total fleet management including work orders, weekly/daily vehicle inspections, AED checks, damage accountability (a method of visually documenting vehicle scratches, dents, dings and damage), which is both scalable and affordable and best of all our system completely eliminates existing paper forms & processes. [/av_textblock] [/av_one_full]