Public Safety Agencies historically have used three to four different and separate systems to accomplish the single goal of total fleet management. Day to day users have been forced to login to multiple systems depending on what task was at hand and many agencies still rely upon a combination of manually filled out paper forms, email, faxes, telephone and spreadsheets. The processes are cumbersome, none of the different components share data or communicate with each other, and current software was developed by non-professionals focusing on the he needs of administrators not the end users.

As a result, many agencies now have processes in place that actually increase the time it takes to accomplish a task, increase the complexity of performing tasks and increase redundancy to where redundancy has all but become an “acceptable” part of the job.

If this sounds like the process your agency uses today, then we have a solution for you…

The 911 TechFleet Management Suite is made up of several modules specifically targeted to help manage your agencies fleet.  Click on any of the modules below to see specific details on that module.  Each module was developed to target a specific management task or issue and the unique variables you document and track.  Every module allows you to document repairs & cost, attach files or documents and schedule upcoming maintenance reminders for both your program manager and employees assigned to a vehicle.  You can easily create work orders by selecting the exact vehicle from a drop-down list of your agency’s equipment.  Finally, we offer a full suite of administrative reports to assist in the management of your program.

Our Solution is offered as a cloud-based responsive bootstrap solution that conforms to and looks identical on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The solution is hosted and managed by 911tech eliminating the need for and involvement of village IT staff.

Vehicle Management

Manage vehicles, from purchase to disposal, track maintenance, mileage, hours, status, damage and repairs. Create and receive fully automated maintenance notifications.

Vehicle Inspections

Conduct daily, weekly or monthly or even special inspections and document mileage and/or hours.


Document dents, dings, scratches, damage, with multiple photos and a description of the issue right from your cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  Instantly document anything that happens to your vehicles.

Work Orders

Use a select list to easily create a work-orders which are automatically sent to the proper personnel for follow up.  Track the time and cost associated with repairs and gain valuable insight for future budgets with a suite of reports.

Our Fleet Management Module is complimented by our real time Vehicle Status Module which allows you to track the current status and availability of every vehicle in your fleet.

Look back to see the purchase price, sale price, work orders, events and vehicle inspections completed for every vehicle in your system.