The Supervisors log module was developed to easily add, edit, maintain and review personnel issues that require documentation.

Employees are able to easily view their own log entries while supervisors can view, create and edit log entries for all employees. Supervisors can also add and edit notes to the original log entry.

A secure cloud-based supervisors log for quickly and easily documenting employee performance and administrative issues.  Add employee responses and other notes as needed.

It’s time to toss out your excel spreadsheet and start using our cloud-based Supervisors Log Module today!

Our software is tucked safely away behind secure https and on top of that we encrypt each supervisors log entry using OpenSSL Encryption so you can be confident that your data is safe and secure with 911 Tech.

We developed a cloud based supervisor log to replace excel spreadsheets and old fashion paper pencil logs that are kept in the file cabinet. Our system is usable across any device and allows for employees to view their files at anytime