911Tech vehicle inspection module allows public safety professionals; police, fire, public works, private ambulance, security guard, and even your administration at the village hall or civic center, conduct daily, weekly or monthly vehicle inspections to assure their vehicles are in proper operating condition and all equipment contained within is ready for use.

Vehicle inspections can be completed using any Internet connected device, at any time of the day, at any interval or as necessary.

The entire inspection process from start to finish can be accomplished in as little as 10 seconds and completely, YES COMPLETELY!, removes the need to use paper and pen for any part of the process. You can toss away your old paper forms, your old file cabinets, and any other system you may have used in the past because your vehicle check system is now available in the cloud, anytime, from any internet connected device.

If you are only looking to document the physical assets assigned to or inside a vehicle, not the condition of those assets, please see our Vehicle Asset Audit Module.

Our Vehicle Inspection Module is a part of our award winning Fleet Management System; a completely customizable multi-function platform offering vehicle management, work orders, weekly/daily squad car inspections, AED checks, supervisors logs, uniform inspections, and our custom event module which allows you to quickly and easily visually documenting vehicle scratches, dents, dings and damage.  Our system completely eliminates existing paper forms & processes.

Our Vehicle Management Module compliments our Vehicle Inspection Module.  The module allows you to track purchase price, sales price and mileage, create, edit, manage and classify your vehicles. You can assign a vehicle to a specific department which then limits access to only those employees who belonging that vehicles department.  You can even renumbered, re-purposed and reassigned vehicles to different departments.

We built the system to be completely customizable to the needs of your agency.  We have over 125 unique configuration settings that can be turned on or off depending on how you do business.

Our cloud-based responsive bootstrap solution conforms to and looks identical on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The solution is hosted and managed by 911tech eliminating the need for city/village IT staff.  Would you like to see what our software looks like, click on any of our screen shots below to see our gallery.

Join 911 Tech today to use our cloud-based software to conduct daily, weekly or monthly inspections of your fleet of vehicles.