Public Safety Agencies must be accountable for their lethal and less-than-lethal weapons.   An effective way to do this is through an audit.  911 Tech has developed a cloud-based electronic armory audit that is paperless and easy to use.

Now maintaining your armory is easy.   An employee simply locates a firearm that is already in the departments 911 Tech Firearms Management Module and simply changes a checkbox from No to Yes to indicate a weapon is in or out of the armory.  Then whenever you wish to complete an audit, our software automatically generates an electronic checkbox audit form based upon the status of every firearm in your system.  Check the box to indicate the firearm is accounted for, or write a note to indicate why it is not.  The audits are then stored electronically in the cloud for historical reference.

Your agency can now conduct audits of your armory at any interval you chooses.  Accountability for you agency has been increased because the software provides an electronic record of each audit completed including the date and time of the audit, every weapon accounted for and any administrative notes.

Our Solution is offered as a cloud-based responsive bootstrap solution that conforms to and looks identical on any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The solution is hosted and managed by 911tech eliminating the need for and involvement of village IT staff.

We understand the needs of managers and have build a robust set of reports that make management and reporting on your Firearm program easy.

Simply select a pre-made report of choose a custom report and enter in your own variables.

Whatever you need we either have made it or we will make it for you.

We developed a simple paperless method of managing and maintaining your Firearms.

Contact us today to make our software a part of your agency’s Firearm Management program.