911 Tech, Inc.

We are Lifetime Public Safety Professionals who believe that Public Safety software should be innovative, easy to use and inexpensive.  We collaborate with professionals in the field to learn how they work, what they do, and the tools they need, and then we develop a product that improves accuracy and efficiency.

911 Tech was founded by Greg Glickauf, a North Suburban active law enforcement professional with over 25 years of police experience and over ten years of running successful software development and web hosting companies.  Greg has recruited several other professionals from both law enforcement and cloud based security to work along side him to help make 911 Tech a success.

911 Tech is a web development company focused on responsive cloud based software for public safety.  Our software is designed to take what we have always done on paper and move it to the cloud making the data we need accessible from anywhere on any internet connected device.   We totally, yes totally eliminate paperwork!

Want to partner with us?

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