911 Tech Product Update – New File Management Module

911 Tech launches our new file management module:

We are happy to announce the release of our new file management module.  This module adds total file management to any asset you manage in our software.  Add things like receipts, user manuals, purchase orders, photos, or whatever else you need to save with your assets.

Existing customers will now see a section called Files at the bottom of every asset management page.   Files will be visible to all users but only those with proper permissions can upload or manage existing files.  The new module lets you upload documents in many popular formats including pdf, doc, xls, jpg, gif, txt, csv, zip, mov, mp3, mp4 and many more.

Add files and documents to all of our modules:

  • Aed’s, Buildings, Computers, Equipment, Firearms, Jails, Tasers, Tanks and Vehicles.

911 Tech’s new File Management Module is just one more step towards our goal of completely eliminating paperwork in public safety.

File Management:

Our new file management module will help you:

  • Keep important paperwork with your asset.
  • View your documents from any internet connected device.
  • Store things like receipts, manual, photos or purchase orders.
  • Eliminate paperwork by storing your important documents online.

File Management is available now and it is free to all existing customers.

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